There is a definite chill in the air this morning.  My eyes flew open a little after 4am – my internal body clock takes no account of weekends or holidays.

Last night’s fire in the fire pit was good.  We spoke of fruits gathered, I spoke of the Green Corn festival, we burned mesquite and papers from the box which has been living on the edge of the patio…old letters, cards, papers, souvenirs.  This was the dog’s first fire with us….she refused to curl up in the bed I brought out for her, no matter how many spots I moved it to.  She preferred, instead, to curl up under my chair, behind my chair, on either side of my chair, or, as the fire died down, right up against my ankle.

They say that we humans carry in our DNA the memories and experiences of our ancestors….I believe that is probably true for dogs as well.  The three humans sat around the flaming logs, tossing random things into the fire, poking at it with sticks, alternately talking and falling silent.  The dog took this all in stride, showing no fear of the fire, but rather a calm and healthy respect for it.  Her whole attitude was “….okay….human fire sit thing.  I know my place in this.”  I know little of her early history, but I suspect it didn’t involve much camping, firepitting, or throwing things into flames.  Her deep dog DNA simply gave her the information of her role… and she listened and obeyed with the single clear mindfulness of the canine species.

We humans could, can, and should learn a lot from these companions who have walked side by side with us from the shadows of the ancient past.

The rains of the past few days seem to have subsided, and today promises some sun, and a mild and steady warmth.  I have no regrets to leave behind the excessive heat of high summer.  I recognize its place in the grand wheel of things….but it does not appeal to me.  I hide from it, close up my house, seek artificially chilled places, grumble at the Sun.   I still love the Sun….but welcome the gentler mellowing of late summer into autumn.  In this season, I can relish and welcome the warmth of the light….while appreciating the cooler air, and the gathering chill of the evenings.

I was going to write more…..a laundry list of today, a discussion of Leather, more meditations on fruit and harvests and diets and health and relationships. I was going to speak the frustration of a middle-aged middle-tech wanna-write woman who can’t seem to figure out how to create separate sections on this page for different types of topics.  And yes….I looked it up in Help….it wasn’t helpful.  “read the directions” doesn’t always work if you’re trying to read directions about how to understand directions in a language you don’t really speak.  But I’m nothing if not stubborn, I’m smart, and I’m fairly good at languages.  I’m also not too bad at asking for help, once I can pinpoint who has the knowledge I need.

So far, most of my immediate knowledge sources have said….”Wordpress…..?….hm.   Dunno…”

Not helpful.  Will cast my net wider. 🙂

And it’s not an emergency.  Right now, I have yams in the oven…a dog at my feet…green chile tucked into the freezer…and a shower staged for the taking (as soon as the dishwasher cuts off.  I don’t want to compete for hot water, I know I’ll lose).