What if there is no secret chord
No baffled king, no lyre, no Lord
And I do care for music but
It’s hard for me to hear the melodies
Through the bedlam and cacophony
Of a hundred battling cults and klaxons

What is this marble arch
And why is my flag on it
Drooping like a wilted flower
Over that sacred document to which
So many have sung and chanted and saged and bowed
Their praise, devotion, and admiring halleluias
What is it that you saw coming
I think I know, I think I see it

Oh Leonard I don’t blame you for leaving
The cracks are fracturing multiplying dividing
More rapidly than the outraged and overwrought can name them
But Leonard…they’re letting in darkness, not light
How could  you stay when the terrible forces would implode your heart
In an poet’s gasping struggle to paint the darkness with words
so we could know it for what it is

I don’t know if I can dance to the end of love
Can’t run with a lawless crowd and I
Can’t offer anything but contempt to the high-placed Pharisees
But I can do my best to hear the secret chord
To scale the marble arch in defense of the sacred page
And to pour light…and light…and more light through the soul-rending cracks until
There truly is nothing left but a perfect offering…song…and halleluias.

– Kingfisher Dec 23, 2016