Hi, I’m Kaye.  I live in Portland, Oregon.  I’m a middle-aged, longhaired, plump,  queer (note that I did *not* say lesbian) femme, with a great attitude and a wry sense of humor.  I like all the usual things – animals, hiking, gardening, music, beaches, travel.  I have a family of origin that I’m loosely connected to (like, really loosely), and a family of choice that I am fiercely loyal to. I’m a bit geeky (science-y stuff), kind of independent, social with good boundaries.  I think a lot, play with ideas a lot, and have a bit of a different sense of time than most people (apparently), although I am almost always on time for stuff.  I march to my own drum and dance to my own tune….although I do like drumming and dancing in general, so I’d probably at least give someone else’s drumming and tune a whirl just for fun, if it’s catchy enough.

I’m here for the words. Also, for the chocolate cake.  And the wine, if it’s good wine.  Otherwise….words.  And salad.  And good, cold, clean water.



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